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Maitake Grifolan

Why Maitake ?

Maitake’s therapeutic potential has been researched intensively since the late 1970s. It was the hype of the day during the 1990’s, a reputation based on promising research results. Below is a list of the main targets of this research; due to legal restrictions we can’t give more details. Take notice: this list should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims !

Our research section has several interesting publications, free to download.

Before you start using Google, read the other entry on this page: ‘Why ORIVeDA’s Grifolan ?‘ or, even better, read this extensive background article.

  • • Maitake’s anti-viral and anti-tumor potential (in vivo, in vitro and clinical tests)
  • • Maitake’s cardiovascular effects
  • • The effect on the Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • • General balancing of the immune system. Maitake is considered ‘King of Immunity’
  • • The effect on diabetes. Maitake contains a natural alpha glucosidase inhibitor, which lowers blood sugar
  • • Blood pressure regulation
  • • Anti-cancer adjuvant – using purified Maitake extracts together with regular treatment seemed to improve the effects considerably.

Side effects and safety

Because Maitake has immune-balancing properties, it should not be used together with immune-suppressants, like those prescribed after a transplant.
The blood sugar lowering effects can cause temporary fatigue in those that are highly susceptible. In general these people are also very susceptible to e.g. caffeine and alcohol, or are diabetics. Taking the extract together with a sugar containing liquid can neutralise this effect.

In general Maitake is safe to use, even in high doses and for extended periods of time.


Grifola frondosa, Maitake, Grifolan, immune support

* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.

Why ORIVeDA ‘s Grifolan® ?

First of all, click here to see our authorized ‘Supplement Facts‘ label. And then use Google to look for additional details on Maitake’s therapeutic potential – you will read about the ‘D-Fraction®*’, the ‘MD-Fraction’ and others.

The d-fraction is originally a term coined in the 1980s; it referred then to a purified -fractionated- beta-glucan, bonded with a protein; a so-called ‘proteoglycan’. This particular fraction showed a lot of promise because of its anti-tumor potential.

Unfortunately, neither this product nor its successor, the md-fraction (a more pure version of the d-fraction, patented in 1997) is for sale in its undiluted pure form; the production costs are probably too high (it’s a 200 : 1 extract) and the fractionating process is too complex for mass-production.

Although the manufacturers prefer to keep the details as vague as possible (marketing reasons), here are some -verifiable- facts:

  • Apart from being a research-term, ‘D-Fraction®’ is also a trademark*, registered in 1995. Products sold with the name ‘D-Fraction®’ contain, according to the label ‘PD-Fraction®*’ (which stands for ‘Pre-D-Fraction’). It is unclear what this is.
  • The commercial supplement ‘D-Fraction®’ has been tested against another Maitake supplement, MaitakeGold 404®* (MTG), containing (according to that same test rapport and a follow-up) a diluted version of the md-fraction. The test involved many immunological parameters. MTG scored significantly better in all tests.
  • MTG is standardised for ≥ 20% beta-glucans (though not on the label). Nothing else.
    The glucan/protein ratio is not revealed, although this would be an easy and cheap way to authenticate the product as being pure (the ratio should be between ± 2 : 1 (= d-fraction purity) all the way to 99 : 1 (= md-fraction purity) according to the patents).
  • MTG is sold only in liquid form; 1 gram of extract dissolved in 30 ml of liquid. The recommended daily dosage is 8 – 16 drops daily, which equals 19 – 77 mg MTG.
    The optimal dosage of this extract is, according to independent research (a clinical trial), 7 mg/kg bodyweight/day (e.g. a 60 kg person should take ± 420mg daily), which is significantly more.
  • ORIVeDA’s Grifolan® is standarised for ≥ 35 % beta-glucans, has a glucan/protein ratio of 2.5 : 1 (equals the original d-fraction) and can deliver the recommended daily dosage for optimal immunological effect easily. Because the extract used in the research was more pure than any commercially available product, the dosage should be adjusted accordingly: we recommend at least 4 – 8 capsules per day (each with ≥ 150 mg beta-glucans) if maximum therapeutic potential is needed. (The standard dose for normal immune support is 2 capsules daily.)

Summarizing: Based on the existing facts we feel confident ORIVeDA Grifolan® is at least equal to, if not more potent than the best of the current commercially available Maitake products. Apart from that, the value for money is much better.*D-Fraction® and PD-Fraction® are trademarks of Mushroom Wisdom, Inc., NJ, USA. MaitakeGold 404® (MTG) is a trademark of The Tradeworks Group, VT, USA

* The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or the EFSA.
This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Do not use this product instead of regular medication.